To our valued customers, we promise quality and value for money.

We provide guilt-free products, ethically sourced from local farmers. We process and add value to the products to get a valuable product to our end customer.



To our suppliers

We promise great prices and support

We promise to work with you, support you, share knowledge with you, and train you. We can help you reach more customers at low cost, and we will work with you over many years.

“We always get a fair price for my yield from CFL Agro, they come straight to our doors to buy so, there won’t be any transport cost. Also, they have been buying us for a long time now and we always get their support and share knowledge on new technology and methods in farming.”

Kalu Banda,
Farmer, North Central Province




To our employees

We promise more than just a job that pays the bills

We give you the opportunity to help someone make a living and put a smile on their lips. You can go home at the end of the day knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

“Working for a company that truly values their employees as individuals and will do everything they can to help each person reach their individual goals, both professionally and personally!”

Kumara Rathnasiri,
Supervisor Quality Control




To the Environment

We promise protection.

We make it our duty to sustain and nurture our environment. We are always aware of how vulnerable our natural environment is, and we attempt to maintain the balance between nature and production.

“Absolutely love their Low Carb Horse feed. It’s the absolute best. My horses coat is so healthy and shiny and his weight is better than ever! Got my Lowes Feed through Morris Feed and Hay but wherever you get it you’ll love it.”

Kelsie Lancaster,
Managing Director, Morris Farms



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