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CFL Agro Lanka values your needs and appreciates your interest in innovative application of natural ingredients.

We specialize in customizing natural ingredients based on the client’s formula, supplying them in unique forms such as powder, cream and ointment. Thus, we provide solutions that can revolutionize your natural products.

Single Extract

Customisable particle density, solubility (water soluble, etc.), colour, special components, moisture and ash.

Custom Formulas

We have mixers of different capacities, which can mix and premix powders & granules in the proportion required by our clients.


Improve flowability and dissolution rate, and control the particle density.

Value Added Services

We add value to the supply chain so that you can give your clients the best that they deserve.

As a company, we pride ourselves on immediately responding to all our customer inquiries; fulfilling customer orders to specifications; customized branding, labelling, packaging and transportation; discrete handling of all shipment and delivery procedures; and making available different terms and conditions for delivery.

Branding &

We create packaging that highlights your brand and helps make it visible to the customer over other products in the market.

Ambient &
Cold Storage

We provide warehousing and logistics services to our suppliers so that they don’t need to worry about storage.

Shipping &
Freight Management

We will handle all shipment and delivery procedures to ensure your products are sent to the world at no cost to you.

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