A fully integrated company sourcing and processing animal feed, spices, seafood, RBD oil, and pulses and grain, we have over 2 decades of experience working with the best suppliers.

We know what our customers want and need, and we go to great lengths to find the solution that works for them.

We source directly from the producer/farmer, and we maintain stringent quality controls. This allows us to operate out of six native spice regions: Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Madagascar, Comoros and Indonesia

  • Our Vision

    To be the leading company in both the spice trade and in corporate conduct in the industry, while also empowering and ensuring the wellbeing of the communities and employees playing vital roles in our operations.

  • Our Mission
    To be the partner of choice for all customers from around the world requiring the finest spices as well as to be the preferred partner in the regions we operate in.
Our Promise

To our valued customers, we promise quality and value for money.

To our suppliers, we promise great prices and support

We are here to work with you, support you, share knowledge with you, and train you.

To our employees, we promise more than just a job that pays the bills

We give you the opportunity to help someone make a living and put a smile on their lips.

To the environment, we promise protection

We make it our duty to sustain and nurture our environment.

The Company

We are the premier supplier of animal feed, coconut products, grains and spices  and we are a leading exporter of grain and protein meals to South East Asia, the Pacific Rim and other export markets.

One of the largest traders in Sri Lanka, CFL Agro Lanka has a two-decade long history of supplying a variety of animal feed raw materials and supplements, shrimp feeds, RBD coconut oil, various spices and logistics-controlled services to customers across Asia.

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CFL Agro Advantage

Sri Lanka’s culture, location, people and splendor have always captured the hearts of tourists the world over. The country has benefited from its location in the Indian Ocean and has always been a hub for trade, shipping and commodities – especially in Asia – and has always been popular for its tea, rubber, coconut, and spices.

With such a history, it is no wonder that we are able to source the best products from this resplendent island to give to our discerning customers around the world. CFL Agro Lanka is in a unique position to help you get the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer due to the following reasons.

  • Integrety
  • Industry Expertise
  • People & Environment
  • Research & Development
  • Value Added Services
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